Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ramadan 2015-With FREE PRINTABLES!

Alhumdullilah we have reached Ramadan yet again! It comes so quickly and I pray that this year we can attain the best of the best that Ramadan has to offer.  May we gain the taqwa Allah has hoped for us to do, and carry it with us throughout the year.  Ameen.

I have two free printables linked below! Keep reading for the links!

 I love decorating for Ramadan and Eid! I use the kids as an excuse to do these little things, but let's be real....the kids are just an excuse! I love waking up and seeing seasonal decor around the house.  Gives me a little spring in my step!

I usually need a few colors to get me going and for this year, I was craving white and grey and I added yellow/gold in for a pop of color because it's summer! I think white is a good "purifying" color for Ramadan and I love how the yellow looks against the grey.

The banner I made myself with grey cardstock, white paper, and sticker letters.  I cut out the circles, stuck the stickers on, hole punched it all up, and strung ribbon through!

The Ramadan calender is also homemade-made it with felt.  I talked about it in this post here

I made two new printables.  One is the supplication for opening our fasts. A good reminder that everything we have comes from Allah and without Him we would be nowhere.

Another printable is a Ramadan "To-Do" List.  These things are some of the extras that come with Ramadan but most of them are traits that we should carry with us always.  Ramadan is the best tool given to us practice these things and allow us to implement them into the "real world" once Ramadan is over.  

On the hearth, I have candles, lanterns, and a tri- piece  canvas that I made with thumbtacks that says "Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim" in Arabic script.  And nothing is complete without twinkling lights to get you in the festive mood! I chose to put up white lights to go with the whole purifying theme.  :)

These images are pretty large.  You can save them, print them, and use them!  Enjoy and have a wonderful Ramadan inshaAllah! xoxo 
(These are not for commercial use, for sale, or should be distributed and cannot be reposted, without a link to my blog.)