Monday, April 9, 2012

EASY Tissue Rosettes!

While re-doing my entrance for spring, I came across very few (or, no) helpful tutorials to create tissue paper rosettes.  I just couldn't understand with all the cutting, twisting, turning, and folding.  I finally came across a Japanese tutorial that showed how to do it in a super simplified, fast way.  I made these spheres while my son was napping! 

Since I couldn't find the video, I re-created it for you.  Hopefully, it helps as much as it helped me. They literally used a tissue paper, so you would need to start out with a rectangular, or square, piece of tissue paper.  I got lucky because I found ready to go sheets for making pom poms and just used those.  

Fold up the bottom left corner to the middle.  Fold down an inch or an inch and a half towards the bottom/back.  You will have created a little point.  That point will be the center of your rosette.  Pinching it in place, grab the rest of the tissue paper, and start wrapping it around the center point, scrunching it together and smoothing out as you go.  That's it! Super easy, right??

Entrance Makeover

It's been a while since I've posted, but with lots of out-of-towners in town, it's been nuts! I've been trying to put a little "spring" into the apartment and what inspired me to get started were these adorable prints from Dimple Prints! I'm just getting started into the world of crafting so I did a few things that I thought would be an easy start.  

First, I printed these prints and framed them using two frames I had lying around.  One was black and one was brown and were different sizes, but I thought what the hey! I get scared at the thought of painting things (especially since these frames weren't cheap) and our place has a lot of brown in it so I figured it would go fine. 

Then I found these at Daiso (the Japanese version of the dollar store)! So awesome how they had 10 sheets of tissue folded, tied, and ready to go.  Seeing them made it easier to understand the picture tutorial and how to "fluff" them out.  I made a few and hung them up with an old lantern I had lying around.  

Then using those same sheets I made little rosettes on styrofoam spheres. 

TIP: I DID NOT CUT OUT STRIPS, I JUST USED ONE RECTANGULAR SHEET PER ROSETTE AND IT WAS SOOOO EASY! I think I sat thru 15 tutorials and NONE of them worked for me. With all the twisting and folding, my brain couldn't handle it.  Finally, I found a japanese tutorial, and it worked! I can't find it now, so I created a video for you.  They literally used a tissue (kleenex) paper, so that would be the size to keep in mind for when you're cutting your tissue.  Here's the tutorial for it.   

I had 3 vases and I turned them upside down to create some height.  I can't figure out if I want to fill them with something or keep them like that. I definitely don't want to paint them. 

Here it is all put together. I love waking up and walking to the front and seeing this every morning, it really perks me up. My husband, always skeptic of my antics, approved too!

I found those branches for 50 cents each (from a regular $6 each) and scooped up the 4 that were left.