Monday, April 9, 2012

EASY Tissue Rosettes!

While re-doing my entrance for spring, I came across very few (or, no) helpful tutorials to create tissue paper rosettes.  I just couldn't understand with all the cutting, twisting, turning, and folding.  I finally came across a Japanese tutorial that showed how to do it in a super simplified, fast way.  I made these spheres while my son was napping! 

Since I couldn't find the video, I re-created it for you.  Hopefully, it helps as much as it helped me. They literally used a tissue paper, so you would need to start out with a rectangular, or square, piece of tissue paper.  I got lucky because I found ready to go sheets for making pom poms and just used those.  

Fold up the bottom left corner to the middle.  Fold down an inch or an inch and a half towards the bottom/back.  You will have created a little point.  That point will be the center of your rosette.  Pinching it in place, grab the rest of the tissue paper, and start wrapping it around the center point, scrunching it together and smoothing out as you go.  That's it! Super easy, right??

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