Sunday, May 26, 2013

Coffee Filter Peonies Tutorial

So, I have yet to find "normal" U.S. style coffee filters in Dubai.  My go to shop for everything is Daiso, this Japanese, dollar store type of place.  And I guess the coffee machines in Japan are a little different because these are folded and glued.  So what I did was poked a hole in the bottom, pinched it together and then scrunched it up.  I used about 6-7 of those for one peony.  I also didn't have floral wire or floral tape (ghetto, I know) so I used wooden skewers and green tape, haha.  Oh, at that point, I don't think I had a glue gun either, so I used rubber bands! After a few though, I got tired of using the rubber bands and just stapled the bottom of the flower together and then wrapped the tape around.  You can also stick them with a straight pin onto a styrofoam ball if you don't want them on a dowel.  

See pictures below for how I did it! 

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