Friday, October 11, 2013

Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr 2013 (Better late than never...oops)

Ok so I realize this is about 2 months too late, but I figure better late than never.  Just wanted to recap on my Ramadan 2013 and Eid 2013 decor.  

What started it all was making my own Ramadan countdown calendar with my niece while she was in town.  I had a lot of felt left over from previous projects and thought this would be a good time to use it.  Now, let me be clear...I SUCK at sewing.  I'm worse than a beginner.  If I can make it, anyone can! I just took strips of white and green fabric, put them on the blue fabric and sewed around and created pockets from the bottom up.  I then sewed the blue onto the large brown piece.  At one little spot, I sewed a ribbon in between the blue and brown layers that would reach all across the calendar.  When that was all done, I attached a small plastic crescent moon that I cut out of a clear plastic cutting board.  Haha.  

Once it was all sewn together, we used hot glued to write the numbers on and covered them in glitter, added some moons and stars, and a cute little Eid pocket.  

We also made a pillow with some fabric and paint on hand, using my favorite Eidway Stencils-Link here.
To tie all the blues and browns together, I added my peacock feathers in a vase and laid a beautiful, silver prayer rug that my friend brought back from Saudia Arabia.

The rest of the decor was just printables that I have put up available here: Ramadan series printablesRamadan subway art.  

That's my niece, opening up her first fast! Every time she fasted, I put a little treat to go in the calendar pocket so she had something to look forward to.  

Eid Countdown printable in a glass vase.  I cut out a little chalkboard vinyl circle and stuck it on the frame and used a chalkboard marker to count down the days! 

The Eid decor was just a string a pom poms, white, light pink, and hot pink cascading down! And some Eid Creation decoration swirls (link here: Eid Creation Product page) with some more Eid printables.  
With a Eid mubarak pillow using my eidway stencil (link here)

I also happened to have a light pink and hot pink scarf that worked perfectly in this ensemble! 

The Ramadan and Eid materials used were all things I had already purchased and was trying to use them up! I think I only bought the black paint for stenciling the pillow.  And I got black so I could use it more than say a pink or a yellow.  
Sorry this was too late, but I hope it inspires you to create something! =) 

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