Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bathroom Overhaul, PT. 2

But really, it's Part 1 since I did that before the counter space

I have to tell you, I don't have any extra papers, fabrics or cool machines, I don't even have a sewing machine. I moved abroad 2 years ago and everything is so expensive here, it's not worth it to buy much! All the stuff that I would need to "DIY", would cost an arm and a leg, so at the moment, I'm living vicariously through Pinterest and doing what I can without spending much.  Anyway, I hated walking in to the bathroom to see my pipes and laundry basket under the counter.  I wanted to use that space as a storage area, especially with a baby on the way, I could use it, but didnt like the idea of seeing it every morning. 

Ghastly site to walk into every morning...BLECH! 

I looked online to see what I could do without a sewing machine and I got the idea to use velcro.  So I bought some velcro, enough to go around the whole counter.  

Then, I went to a mall here called Dragon Mart which has everything under the sun from China. They also have an area where they sew/make curtains.  I was looking through their scrap box and found a perfect piece of fabric that I could use.  I asked the lovely seamstress to hem it for me.  After she did that, I quickly attached one part of the velcro strips to the fabric and had her reinforce it with some straight stitching.  

Then, I came home and attached the other part of the velcro strips to the backside of my counter and stuck it on!  That's glue there, I think the builders had some difficulty, it scared me when I first saw the back of it. hahaha

 Now, it's the perfect hidden storage space! =) The fabric cost 9 dollars and the velcro cost about 5. 

So nowww...this is what my bathroom looks like: 

YAYYY!! SO much better than THIS:

Now, I don't have to rush out of the bathroom every morning just to get out of there, I love taking my sweet time. Why not? I owe it to myself, don't I? :)


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