Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chocolate covered fruit!

Since joining Pinterest, I've been seeing so many pictures of desserts that I've been craving either chocolate or fruit everyday. So tonight, I decided to put the two together!

First, I lined my cookie sheet with baking paper for ease of taking the fruit off once cooled (and easy cleanup!) I melted Hershey's semi-sweet chocolate chips with some Canola oil in a mixing bowl.  Mixing the oil helps keep all the chocolate on the fruit and not stay on the baking paper .  Then I dipped my strawberries and bananas alllllll the way around, because that's JUST how I like my fruit, ALL chocolate-ed up! 

When I went to coat the bananas, I grabbed my handy dandy cake tester from Crate & Barrel to help pick up the slices. I hate the idea of wasting toothpicks! 

After I coated my strawberries and bananas, I stuck the tray in the fridge for 5 minutes to let the chocolate cool before putting the white chocolate on it.  

I then melted some white chocolate chips with a little bit of oil but remember, white chocolate chips always take a bit longer to melt completely.  I then filled it in a plastic sandwich bag and cut a whole in the corner and went back and forth around the whole tray.  (Sorry, forgot to take a picture) I always like the "disheveled look" even though it doesn't picture well. :) 

I ran out of chocolate for some of the banana slices! If you're doing this for a party, don't stress about it, they'll be gobbled up so fast, no one will notice! 

After putting the white chocolate on, I put the tray back in the fridge for 5 minutes to let the white chocolate set.  

Then remembered I had these cute little cupcake liners from Ikea that coordinated so well with the colors~ perfect! 

Here's a side view...

and a top view! 

I completed these in a quick 15 minutes while dinner was being prepared on the stove! Any fruit you have on hand will work well, even if it's canned pineapple! You can even do pretzels, pound cake, and/or yumm!! That just gave me a little inspiration for what I'll make tomorrow!!
Stay tuned...


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